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As an Experienced Web Designer, Developer and Trainer in IT Field specializing the Staffing and Project Development. We can able to solve your Information Technology problems.


Services We Offer:

  • Website Designing

    • Static Website Designing
    • Dynamic Website Designing
    • Flash Website Designing
    • E-Commerce Website Designing
    • Custom Website Designing
    • Template Website Designing
    • Website Maintenance Services
  • Website Development

    • Dynamic Website Development
    • E-Commerce Website Development
    • Wordpress website Development
    • Joomla Customization
    • Magento E-Commerce Customization
    • Portal Development
    • Shopping Cart Development
    • Payment Gateway Integration
    • Forum Development
  • Web Hosting

  • E-Brochure Designing

  • Powerpoint Presentation Designing

  • Corporate Logo Designing

  • Huge web resources to help you in future web projects

  • Software Develoment

    • Software Analysis and Design
    • Software Upgrade
    • Client Server Applications
    • Distributed Applications
    • Component Development
    • Complex GUI Application
    • Embedded Systems
    • Data Conversion
    • Database Maintenance
    • Systems Programming
  • Support after your start working
  • Indepth and up to date knowledge in web technologies        
  • Training by Real Time Experienced Faculty
  • Realtime Examples for Every Topic
  • Internet Marketing

    • SEO - Search Engine Optimization.
    • SEM - Search Engine Marketing.
    • SMM - Social Media Marketing.
    • SEO - Copy Writing.
    • SEO - Training
    • SEO - Packages
    • Lead Based Marketing.
    • SEO Brand Promotion.
    • Multi Lingual SEO Marketing.
    • Link Building Services.
    • E-Mail / SMS Marketing.
    • Digital Marketing.
    • Digital Marketing Training.
    • SERP Ranking.

Our Aims:


We the staff, aim to encourage each and every Developear and Training in all aspects of learning by:

  • Working together as a teams
  • Providing a balanced curriculum
  • Ensuring smooth progression through the key stage
  • Catering for all abilities
  • Promoting curiosity and enthusiasm
  • Encouraging independence and confidence
  • Promoting logical and creative thinking
  • Encouraging respect for others and personal self-esteem
  • Within an environment which is caring, stimulating and challenging
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We are Providing Corporate / Industrial Level Training For Web Application, JAVA, .Net & SAP.....Please Enroll.....

There is absolute transparency in the whole process of getting your project designed and then getting it hosted which is why I feel choosing WSoft Solutions was a great decision that we took.


An absolute non-technology person like me has found the whole journey of making my web site so easy, educative and in a fun to work on. This has largely been due to the great team at WSoft Solutions.


WSoft Solutions have always been there right from the beginning of concept development to managing my web site so effectively. I appreciate all your help.

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